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As summer is fast approaching, now is the right time to shop for bikini swimwear. Swimwear designers are coming out with their new bikini lines so you’ll be wearing the latest and greatest styles before anyone else! There are various options for a swimsuit, or string bikini and this is why you should decide what type of two-piece you are going to wear to look really hot and enticing like the beach babes you see on movies and magazines. Because there are lots of bikini swimwear in the market, you would surely find one that would suit you best. You just have to be patient in searching. Below are some of the types of bikini you can choose from. I personally recommend TeenyB Bikini Couture for all your bikini swimwear needs. They offer a wide array of bikinis that range from minimal to full coverage, so you’re sure to find the swimwear that’s perfect for you.

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* According to cut

Micro two-piece

You can attract the attention of everybody in the beach with a micro swimwear. This swimming apparel barely provides covering. Because it allows much flesh to be revealed, you will surely find men drooling over you. Be aware, however, that this is only ideal for those who have the courage to flaunt their bodies with hardly anything on.

Bandeau bikini

A bandeau is ideal if you want to enhance your upper torso. The top can make your breasts appear bigger and it can also make your waist look slimmer. You can have a wide array of options for this.  There is the halter, the spaghetti, and the strapless top. You can actually choose any type of bottom to match the top. There is the thong or g-string style bottom among others.


This swimwear, as the name implies, is a triangular piece of covering. The coverage that this provides vary. You can opt for a top and bottom that provides wider coverage and you can also choose ones that border between tiny and micro. The choices for the top include a halter and a spaghetti strap.

Brazilian Cut

The Brazilian bikini is by far one of the most popular micro bikini bottoms on the market. It’s smaller and has less coverage than your typical bikini bottom but still covers enough that you can wear it to any public beach or local swimming spot without getting into any trouble or breaking dress codes. This style bottom is still super sexy and can be found in every color and print you can possibly think of.

Pucker Back

The pucker back which is also referred to as ruched back is a great style of bikini bottom for women who have a flat behind or wish to make their rear end look more full. There’s a seam down the center of the back where the material is scrunched together. While wearing this style bottom it gives the appearance of a rounder more full butt plus you don’t get wedgies as easily while wearing this bottom.

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*  According to colors

Bright-colored swimwear

An apparel with bright colors can render you a fuller figure. Aside from this, bright hues can also accentuate your best features. If you have an attractive bottom, you can draw men’s attention to this by choosing a lower swimming apparel with a bright color.

Dark-colored swimming apparel

Dark colors have a slimming effect on your body. If you have wide hips and you are very conscious of this, you can make it appear a bit narrower by wearing a bottom with dark colors. Aside from the slimming effect, a dark-colored swimsuit can hide your unattractive features. You do not have to stick to solid-hued pieces. You can opt for those with designs consisting of dark-colored patterns or prints.

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